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Leelo is a little boy from the Kingdom of Angelus, high up in the clouds. Join him on his wonderful adventures. The Leelo books are a heart-warming children's series with a positive message.

About the Author


Gaétane Montreuil has finally realized her dream of many years - to write and publish children's literature.

Montreuil managed a private kindergarten school for many years and through this experience, acquired valuable insight into childhood development and children's literature. As an Interior Designer, Montreuil found much joy and inspiration in creating environments that favour children's development.

The author has four children of her own and five grandchildren whom she loves dearly and visits with frequently.

A Quote from Gaétane:

“Bullying takes many forms – from verbal and physical abuse towards other children, right through the extreme cases of animal cruelty we see in the media. However, if we can catch the attention of children while they are young and inspire them to become good-natured, this problem can be eliminated. This is exactly the reaction my books try to foster.”

About the Illustrator

Simon Goodway is a freelance artist living in the UK. After working for a few years as a software engineer he switched to illustrating full time in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since. He has illustrated children’s books, greeting cards, corporate logos, and all manner of things from skateboards to magic tricks.

Enchanting New Children’s Book Series

There are two books in the Leelo series, with more on the way. Leelo is a story with a positive anti-bullying message, and Leelo to the Zoo teaches us to be kind to animals.

Leelo’ s Message

In recent years, we have become more aware of the bullying that goes on with children. The awful shootings that have happened in various schools and the devastating suicides resulting from cyberbullying are of great concern; more needs to be done to protect the victims and proactively discourage bullying.

It's about having a positive impact on the lives of young people. Storytelling has captured young minds for centuries and is a very powerful medium for change. Fused with an enchanting story, the Leelo life-lessons will hopefully save lives and rear a new generation of loving individuals.