Popular Kid’s Character Comes to Life Once Again in a Second Book

Following the huge success of ‘Leelo’, author Gaétane Montreuil brings her admirable young protagonist back onto bookshelves with the release of ‘Leelo to the Zoo’. With the first book widely-celebrated for its ability to deter bullying and instill good character in young readers, Montreuil’s second volume continues the adventure – this time at the zoo.

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Leelo was sad; he didn’t want to play with his little sister and was longing to return to Earth. Unknown to him, Marco felt the same way and spent most of his time sat on the rock where Leelo took flight with Mimo, his loyal squirrel friend. After being given permission to make a short trip to Earth, Leelo sent Marco a letter telling him he’d arrive when the next rainbow appeared.

The day finally came! After a big hug and many smiles, the two boys ventured off to Marco’s house for supper and to visit some of their loving animal friends. Along the way Marco invites Leelo on a school trip to the zoo – an invitation graciously (and excitedly) accepted by Leelo.

After a big supper and a long sleep, the day to visit the zoo finally came! Leelo was quick to help someone out, inviting an upset young girl, who had fallen and was scared to yet again become victim to the bullies at the back of the bus, to sit with them.

After arriving at the Zoo and visiting some animals – Leelo and Marco couldn’t believe what they saw; the gang of bullies throwing nuts and chips into the monkey enclosure, despite a big ‘Do Not Feed the Animals’ sign. Things turned from bad to worse after a baby monkey began to choke on the food, and no Zookeepers would come as they thought Leelo was trying to play a trick on them.

Finally, using his wise nature and maturity, Leelo summons the attention of an old man who convinces a veterinarian to save the baby monkey’s life. Ashamed of their behavior, the gang of bullies confess to their wrongdoing, throw away their earrings and engage in friendly chatter and excitement with all of the other children on the ride home.

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