Enchanting New Children’s Book Deters Bullying & Encourages Caring Character

Hoping to instill good character in children before they develop bullying behavior and tendencies, aétane Montreuil’s ‘Leelo’ takes young readers up to the clouds and into a whimsical world of charm. ith such pertinence to modern society, the book is expected to resonate with children around the world.

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Leelo is the magical story about a little boy-like angel who lived in a castle above the clouds. Leelo and his younger sister lived with their parents who were the King and the Queen of the kingdom of the Angelus. Leelo was happy with his life but he could not help wondering what existed beyond the big gates of the castle. One day he finally found a way to get passed the gates but when he did he started sliding uncontrollably down a rainbow all the way to the earth.

He befriended Marco, a shy little boy who is so glad to have a real friend of his own. Marco invited Leelo to his home to meet his family. On the way, Marco found out that Leelo could only be seen by nice children and animals. Adults and nasty children could not see him.

Marco was often picked on by a gang of boys. With his special powers, Leelo found a way to protect Marco from them. Later, the gang tried to attack Marco again. They tried to reach him by steeping on stones that were scattered across the river. The leader slipped and fell in the river and called for help as he could not swim. Marco swam over to the boy and saved him. Alex, the leader of the gang, was humbled by what Marco did for him and asked to be forgiven for harassing him. Alex was now able to see Leelo and they all became good friends.

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